Advanced State Management

Diving Deep into State Management

Alright, let's tackle a big one: managing state in React apps. If you've felt that passing around data and state can get complex, you're not alone.

First off, we'll explore why state management can be a challenging task in larger applications. It's not just you - it's genuinely hard!

Then, we'll touch on the idea of a global state. Think of it as a giant storage room where different parts of your app can pick up or drop off data.

We'll dig into React Context, a built-in tool that lets you share state and functions with any component, without passing props down manually.

Next, we'll introduce React Query, a tool to sync your app's data with a server, and useReducer, a more structured way to handle complex state logic.

But the world of state management doesn't end there. We'll also look into other popular libraries people use and discuss when and why to pick them.

Lastly, ever thought about storing state in URLs? It can be super useful, and we'll discover why.

Ready to become a state management ninja? Let's dive in!