JavaScript Introduction

Welcome to our section on JavaScript basics. JavaScript is a key language for web development, and understanding its core concepts is important if you want to build websites or web apps.

In this section, we'll start by looking at basic data types like numbers, strings, and more. We'll see how we can do different things with these data types, such as adding numbers or combining strings.

Next, we'll learn about variables. Think of them as small boxes where we can store our data. We'll also do some exercises on this topic to get hands-on practice.

After that, we'll go into how we can use conditionals and loops to control what our code does and how many times it does it. We'll then see how functions let us group code together to use again and again.

We'll also talk about some more complex ways to store data using arrays and objects.

Finally, we'll have a quick chat about different versions of JavaScript, like ES6 and ES2015. We'll wrap up with some questions to test what you've learned. Let's dive in!