Development Best Practices

Welcome to Week 2: Development Best Practices

Welcome to the second module, "Development Best Practices". In this section, we will take a step further into the world of professional JavaScript development.

We will learn about modular JavaScript programming, where we'll understand how to split our code into reusable parts, making it more organized and manageable. Next, we will delve into one of the essential parts of software development: testing. We will learn about writing unit tests, which are a type of testing that ensures individual pieces of your code are functioning as expected. Lastly, we will learn how to deploy our applications using GitHub Pages, a free platform to host your web apps directly from your GitHub repository.

By the end of this module, you'll have a deeper understanding of how to write, test, and deploy professional-level JavaScript code. All these skills will come together in the final project of this module.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recall the purpose and importance of JavaScript modules.
  • Explain the process of deploying a web application using GitHub Pages.
  • Organize a complex JavaScript codebase into modular components.
  • Identify the parts of a codebase that should be tested with unit tests.
  • Assess the coverage and quality of a set of unit tests.
  • Develop and deploy a JavaScript application using modules and unit tests, hosted on GitHub Pages.