Advanced JavaScript

Welcome to Week 3: Advanced JavaScript!

In this week, we will dive into some of the more advanced features of JavaScript, especially focusing on methods for working with arrays. These methods are incredibly powerful and allow us to write more expressive, efficient, and readable code. We'll also get hands-on with CSS Flexbox, a modern layout model that makes it easy to design flexible and responsive layouts.

Collaboration is a vital part of any development project. We will explore how to effectively collaborate using Git and GitHub. You'll learn about branching, merging changes, and resolving conflicts - all essential skills for team-based development.

Finally, we'll delve into the world of data formats. JSON and XML are two of the most common data formats used in web development for storing and exchanging data. We'll learn how to work with these formats and apply this knowledge to a real-world project.

Get ready for an exciting week of learning and building!

Learning Outcomes

  • Use advanced array methods like map, filter, reduce, forEach, and sort to manipulate data
  • Create dynamic, responsive layouts using CSS Flexbox
  • Collaborate with others on a shared GitHub repository, managing branches and resolving conflicts
  • Understand and use JSON and XML to store and exchange data